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Hey readers
I just want to say Mother Nature needs to make up her mind.
Cold or warm? Anyway, the spring trends are a little confusing. Cable knit sweaters and booty jorts are a popular outfit. People are wearing both pastels and neons ( hopefully not together.) chiffon is definitely IN. Maxi skirts and flowy sleeves are so cute. That’s enough for fashion. Here’s the scoop on some movies.
Divergent: not as good as the book
Frozen: still good the 27th time
Mean girls: tenth anniversary!
Come back later!


Ik this is a fashion blog but I want to start doing reviews of food and other stuff!
Movie: admission starring Tina fey pg-13
2 out of 5 stars
Really bad… It was a rom com about a Princeton administrator. She thought the boy was her son but he wasn’t.
I think she was supposed to work at dart mith but they had to change it because she takes 9 hour drives like it’s no biggie.
Personally, I don’t like Tina fey but she really stunk here.

Sry guys / weekly update

Hey fashion peepals of the world,
Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I am extremely busy doing math. :(
I am going to start doing weekly fashion updates and other stuff. If u have comments, plz post them under comments.
( how obvious )
1. Drawn on eyebrows. How much can I say? They are weird and ugly. Never shave off your eyebrows. Trust me, unibrow is better than no brow.
2. Fur. Yeah fur! I luv that stuff. Sooooo cozy. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t over do it. The fur shirt + fur sweater + fur coat + fur boots = FASHION DISASTER!!!
3. Chevron. Not really sure. Loved it, liked it, not so much anymore. I love my new chevron watch

new issue

our first issue, spring 2014, will be out soon. please contact us at for a subscription order form.

short articles will be available on our website but for the full 6 full webazines a year, contact us between 1-11-14 through 5-1-14

Celeb fashion fails.

Even stars make mistakes.


First. Adele. Is this polish or a couch? I like the skirt if it was filled with tulle and had a different design.
2nd. Who told her belts were in style? Hold your pants up not make a dress.
3. Is this even real?!? Do you guys see a unicorn too? It’s a unicorn, for goodness sakes!!!!
Collage: Miley is a disaster anyways but at least she had a cute jacket. Two belts?!? What? Uglay girl. Denim is a problem. This is a good example. NEVER WEAR THIS!!!!