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Hair do’s and dont’s.

Let’s just talk about this.
What the heck is this?!? The first girl has the worst ever hair-do. Talk about poof-poof.
Then there is T swift. She rocks every hair style, but this is one of my favs.
So cute and curly. Def a hair-DO.

This is some girl from the 80s with a mullet perm.
It should come with a warning like: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT BIRD NEST!!


These 2 amazing hair-DOs are from (old) Miley and Sarah hyland. This is beautiful natural looking hair ( I’m talking 2 u Miley) Sarah has straight hair which is very pretty. Miley’s hair is curly and cute.

Please follow the rules and watch for tutorials we post so you can have a hair-DO!
Luv, Fashionme

What to wear

Yo fashionistas (and fashionistos)
Here’s the scoop
What To Wear For your style.
If you don’t have the longest legs or are tiny, a cute shirt or crop top with shorts or a skirt (peplum is cute). Skinny jeans look really cute with your style.

If you are taller, that’s not a bad thing.
Wear ripped skinny jeans cuz those are cute. Shorts with long-sleeves or sweatshirts are cute, too.

If you think you are too average, give your style a pop of color. Try neons or a new style. Don’t go goth or anything, but go ahead and be different. Different is NOT bad.

Be fun and different, luv,

Cali fashion

Hey peoples!
Here are styles from california!
In Cali you would see a lot of different cultures which means a lot of different fashion. Mostly you would see girls wearing their short shorts with a crop top with a tank underneath. For shoes they mostly wear sneakers especially high tops.
Be unique cuz different is good
Luv, fashionme3