Sry guys / weekly update

Hey fashion peepals of the world,
Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I am extremely busy doing math. :(
I am going to start doing weekly fashion updates and other stuff. If u have comments, plz post them under comments.
( how obvious )
1. Drawn on eyebrows. How much can I say? They are weird and ugly. Never shave off your eyebrows. Trust me, unibrow is better than no brow.
2. Fur. Yeah fur! I luv that stuff. Sooooo cozy. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t over do it. The fur shirt + fur sweater + fur coat + fur boots = FASHION DISASTER!!!
3. Chevron. Not really sure. Loved it, liked it, not so much anymore. I love my new chevron watch

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