Hair do’s and dont’s.

Let’s just talk about this.
What the heck is this?!? The first girl has the worst ever hair-do. Talk about poof-poof.
Then there is T swift. She rocks every hair style, but this is one of my favs.
So cute and curly. Def a hair-DO.

This is some girl from the 80s with a mullet perm.
It should come with a warning like: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT BIRD NEST!!


These 2 amazing hair-DOs are from (old) Miley and Sarah hyland. This is beautiful natural looking hair ( I’m talking 2 u Miley) Sarah has straight hair which is very pretty. Miley’s hair is curly and cute.

Please follow the rules and watch for tutorials we post so you can have a hair-DO!
Luv, Fashionme

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